CMA50 Loss Test Sets• All-in-one unit supports both light source and optical power meter (Optical Loss Test Set)
• All-in-one unit supports four wavelengths:
LED light source (850 nm/1300 nm)
LD light source (1310 nm/1550 nm)
• EZ test function option supports auto-switching of wavelengths and end-to-end measurements (added function B)
• Supports return loss measurements (added function O)
• 1490 nm light source for FTTH PON system installation and maintenance
• Pass/Fail function with set threshold value
• Saves up to 100,000 measurement items
• Easy access from PC to CMA50 internal memory via USB cable
• Built-in visible light source (Optical Loss Test Set model)
• Optional network test function

The CMA50 series (Optical Loss Test Set/Optical Power Meter) supports measurement of optical power and loss of all wavelengths used by MM and SM fiber installations. It is the ideal measurement solution for installing and maintaining optical LAN, Access, CATV, Core, and Metro networks.

The Optical Loss Test Set model supports an optional EZ Test function (added function B) for measuring end-to-end optical loss by auto-switching multiple wavelengths. Eliminating the need to switch the wavelength setting at the light source and power meter for every measurement greatly increases on-site work efficiency. Models with the ORL function (added function O) option can measure return loss.

The CMA50 series is designed for both simple measurement and easy understanding of measured results.
Results are evaluated based on preset threshold values for speedy and efficient confirmation. The main unit can save up to 100,000 data items, which are easily moved to a back-office PC via Ethernet or USB port for easy and efficient data processing.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
50LTS35 Dual-Wavelength Loss Test Set, LD. 1310/1550 ±20 nm -7 dBm (G.652 fiber)
50LTS83 Dual-Wavelength Loss Test Set, LED 850/1300 ±20 nm -18 dBm (62.5/125µm fiber)
50LTS3456 Four-Wavelength Loss Test Set, LD. 1310/1490/1550/1625 ±20 nm -7 dBm (G.652 fiber)
50LTS8335 Four-Wavelength Loss Test Set, LED on MM port -7 dBm (G.652 fiber); LD on SM port -18 dBm (62.5/125µm fiber); 850/1300/1310/1550 ±20 nm
50PMS Optical Power Meter: 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625 nm plus CWDM wavelengths (ITU-T G694.2); +10 to -75 dBm

Multiple configurations available. Please check with your TVC representative or for details.